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How to & Builder Tips

Ever wonder how to make a certain part with fiberglass or sheet metal? Or fix an oil leak? These tips can guide you and reduce the amount of head-scratching.


Drilling Tips

With so many holes that need to be drilled in a typical GlaStar or Sportsman, it pays to learn some tricks to do it...

GlaStar Wing Spar Tips

There is quite a bit of manufacturing tolerance in the spar assemblies. My aft spar was a good .10" shorter than it should have...

Build Your Own Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

Soon after purchasing my GlaStar, N757C, from her original owner and builder I contacted Glasair Aviation and inquired about the price of factory-built auxiliary...
GlaStar window installation

GlaStar and Sportsman Window Installation Tips

Installing the Windows: A friend suggested a new way of locating the plexiglass panes in the windows and doors of the Glastar. Window with...
fuel filler parts

Sealing Flush Fuel Necks

Here is an option for sealing the flush fuel necks to the fuel tanks. If you have a metal lathe or have access to...
eyedropper for resin promoter

Properly Promoting Resin

The resin that we currently use in both the Glasair and the GlaStar is Dow Derakane 411-45. This resin is shipped from Stoddard-Hamilton in...


Every Glasair and GlaStar kit contains plastic bags of the white powders (guaranteed to raise the suspicions of any DEA agent!) that we know...
GlaStar air induction filter

Air Induction Injection Filter

Tom Lempicke submitted this tip about the GlaStar's air induction filter for a fuel-injected engine. One of the things we are up against in putting...

Level-Headed Observations

This builder hint concerns the lowly instrument called the "level." No matter what kind of aircraft you are building, everything evolves from what is referred...

Vent Check Valve

Because my vent system still allowed fuel to vent in a nice stream when topped off and turning on the ground or parked on...