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How to & Builder Tips

Ever wonder how to make a certain part with fiberglass or sheet metal? Or fix an oil leak? These tips can guide you and reduce the amount of head-scratching.

Low corners on the sides of the instrument panel enhance visibility, but the center column could impede access and reduce leg comfort. Photo: Peter Braswell.

GlaStar Systems Installation Tips

Flap handle detent notches: Trial-fit flap detent notches in the flap actuator lever between the seats prior to chroming. I had to widen my aft-most...

Baffle Seals

Good baffle seals are critical if the airplane is to spend time hanging on the prop at full throttle. These are AMS3320-spec glass-reinforced silicone, using...

Water Seal

Water leaks and noise have been things I’ve wanted to solve for a long time. Once my Sportsman was painted, I taped some simple...
rivet gun

Riveting Tips

Dimples: Those cute little depressions around the rivet heads that occur when riveting light skins are almost impossible to avoid. They are caused by...
GlaStar air induction filter

Air Induction Injection Filter

Tom Lempicke submitted this tip about the GlaStar's air induction filter for a fuel-injected engine. One of the things we are up against in putting...

Firewall Grommet Alternative

Submitted by Dace Kirk, Phoenix Composites, Mesa Arizona At Phoenix Composites, Inc. we treat the problem of firewall grommets somewhat different. We find that there are...
DEFT primer

Corrosion Protection with DEFT

Corrosion protection and the use of primers are topics with as many opinions as there are builders. Here are some tips submitted by our members. Deft...
O-360, fixed pitch, Van's induction system and baffling. Photo: Martin Baumer

GlaStar Baffling Tips

Baffling: I used the Vans's RV-6 intake, carb air box, and baffling. I find them to work well and efficiently. I did have a...

Use of Van’s Induction Air Scoop in a GlaStar

A number of builders have used this modification—adding an air intake scoop from Van's Aircraft. This description was the procedure that I used, which was...
McFarlane Vernier Assist Controls

Vernier-Assist Throttle Control

I struggled with the ACS throttle control cable on N11YM for the first 82 hours. I had two issues: The throttle control was too...