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How to & Builder Tips

Ever wonder how to make a certain part with fiberglass or sheet metal? Or fix an oil leak? These tips can guide you and reduce the amount of head-scratching.

glastar firewall assembly drawing

GlaStar Firewall Installation Tips

Firewall installation: Install engine and all engine plumbing/wiring prior to installation of firewall. Carefully measure where holes should go, then drill firewall holes, install...
Confirm clearance before cutting the GlaStar cabin air inlet opening.

GlaStar Cabin Air Inlet Position Tip

I don't remember the dimension called for but they need to be a whole 1" lower than called for in the instructions. I ended...

Trimming Doors

I installed one of my doors today and I found a method that helped mark the door for trimming. I’m not sure if someone...
Superior XP-400 piston. Top two are compression rings and the bottom is the oil control ring.

Engine Break-in

Break-in of an engine refers primarily to the initial phase of operation in which the piston rings will "seat" against the cylinder walls. Run-in refers...
Prop gauged by spinner. Photo: Randi Ernst

Propeller and Spinner Installation Tips

Propeller cutout and resin: The template for the cutout in the spinner for the prop blades is incorrect due to the addition by SH...
Spray Zolatone (or equv.) in shaded area prior to fuselage assembly.

Weight Conscious GlaStar Assembly

In the beginning stages of developing the GlaStar we set goals for performance, weight, build time (don’t laugh—the industry’s come a long way from...
GlaStar wingtip fairing installation

Wingtip Installation Tip

There is a conflict in the wing tip construction as per the Manual (Rev C) Section VI Wing assembly, Fig 43 p.103 instructs you...

Keeping Oil Temperatures Low

Sorting out the oil temperature issues and CHT temperature spread was a bit of a challenge. Extended climbs during Sydney summers had to be...
GlaStar wing hat-section stiffener

Tips for Hat Sections in the GlaStar Wing

Hat section stiffener fitting: The hat section stiffeners have a joggle stamped into each end as they fit under the spar flange and then...

Pitot System Tips

Heated pitot drain: I installed the system per the plans. The drain valve in a push-to-drain device. It is mounted just below the left-rear...