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How to & Builder Tips

Ever wonder how to make a certain part with fiberglass or sheet metal? Or fix an oil leak? These tips can guide you and reduce the amount of head-scratching.

Sportsman Control Stick Installation

Q&A Q (Dennis Vanatta): Installing the sticks is one of those things which it seems needs to be right the first time, since there’s no...
GlaStar nosewheel fork and axle

GlaStar Nosewheel Shimmy

You have to go no farther than the local grocery market to find out how easily castering wheels shimmy (a Cessna will also do)....

Wiring the Wings

Our Sportsman wings had been built in the CAC so the wiring was already in place, tied up in a huge coil. Before attaching the...

Pitot System Tips

Heated pitot drain: I installed the system per the plans. The drain valve in a push-to-drain device. It is mounted just below the left-rear...

The Zen of Riveting

Most amateur builders think that riveting is just "plain riveting." You put the rivet in the hole, press the rivet against the metal with...
Nose rib and skin on left GlaStar wing

Rib and Skin Fitting

Skin/rib fitting: I'm sharing my experience with horizontal stabilizer skinning, for the benefit of anyone else who's having trouble pulling the skin far enough...
Finished GlaStar cowl. Photo: Dustin Paulson

GlaStar Cowling Installation Tips

Cowling installation: The Lycoming cowling instructions say that you need to have the prop and spinner installed before you attempt to install the cowling....

Flush Riveting Tips

The GlaStar is not typically built with flush rivets, but some builders are using them anyway. This does not improve aerodynamics, but helps if...
GlaStar COM antenna placement forward of bulkhead B

GlaStar Antenna Installation Tips

Transponder ground plane: Make your aluminum ground plane for your transponder as large as possible for effective use. I placed mine under the pilot's...

Creature Comfort

Winter Flying For those of us living in the northern climates, it’s worth paying attention to being warm in your aircraft. In southern Wisconsin, our...