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How to & Builder Tips

Ever wonder how to make a certain part with fiberglass or sheet metal? Or fix an oil leak? These tips can guide you and reduce the amount of head-scratching.

The EAA Young Eagles GlaStar. Photo: Paul Hansen

Aileron Balancing Servo Tabs

The aileron servo helps reduce stick forces in roll. BILL OF MATERIALS 1 12"x12" .032 aluminum sheet 88 3/32" pop rivets 24 1-1/4" aluminum extruded hinge...

Drilling Tips

With so many holes that need to be drilled in a typical GlaStar or Sportsman, it pays to learn some tricks to do it...
Low corners on the sides of the instrument panel enhance visibility, but the center column could impede access and reduce leg comfort. Photo: Peter Braswell.

GlaStar Systems Installation Tips

Flap handle detent notches: Trial-fit flap detent notches in the flap actuator lever between the seats prior to chroming. I had to widen my aft-most...
GlaStar nose wheel bearings. Photo: Arlo Reeves.

Wheel Bearings

I was concerned about the salty sand we landed on in Baja corroding my wheels, so I rinsed them off and went flying, but...
Superior XP-400 piston. Top two are compression rings and the bottom is the oil control ring.

Engine Break-in

Break-in of an engine refers primarily to the initial phase of operation in which the piston rings will "seat" against the cylinder walls. Run-in refers...
Cooling baffles

Baffles Reduce Cylinder Temperatures

This is a technical tip for the cylinder baffling modifications we’ve come up with for the IO-360 and IO-375 engines. The windows in front...
glastar firewall assembly drawing

GlaStar Firewall Template Tip

I started out by using the supplied template to cut out a cardboard firewall. It did not come close to fitting. I started all...

GlaStar Wing Folding

For a taildragger, folding the wing is an accident waiting to happen. Mess up and you will damage the airplane like I did. I...
Keeping fiberglass parts in a hot attic comes with the risk of warping.

Fiberglass Parts Warping in Hot Storage

Glenn Culver sent this tip. I've had a problem with warped GlaStar doors after storing them in a hot location. If I were to do it...
Imron Elite

Paint Codes for Matching GlaStar Gelcoat

    Matching the GlaStar gel coat can be a challenge, but our members have provided the following tips for getting the right color. DuPont Imron Imron paint...