Bucking Bars

This builder tip was submitted by Scott Gordon, kit #5031.

steel-bar-stockI have noted over the last year comments about bucking bars in tight places. I have kit 5031 and also noted passages in the SH manuals that state a couple of bucking bars can do the entire bucking job for the kit. Right! I have a collection of over 15 bars from past work and even then I don’t have the right bar for every job. Now to the point of this message: go to your local steel dealer and buy about three feet of one by one steel. Buy the half–hard stuff. With this you can cut off any length and make custom bars. For most work keep the bars about a foot long. They are easier to hold and the mass makes it easier to form the shop head. Work the ends into the shape you want with hack saw and grinder. You can cut angles, curves, clearance grooves or whatever. I polished the ends of mine on a belt sander. They work great, save time, and lessen the unkind word syndrome. Have fun and do good work.

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