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Mil. Spec. Preparation and Installation of Buck Type Rivets MIL-R-47196A_MI

MILITARY SPECIFICATION RIVETS, BUCK TYPE, PREPARATION FOR AND INSTALLATION OF This specification is approved for use by US Army Missile Command, Department of the Army, and...

Hole Size Standard Rivets Chart

Handy shop reference chart for matching drill/hole sizes to standard rivets.

GlaStar Service Bulletin 022

SUBJECT: AN470A3-4.5 Soft Rivets

GlaStar Service Bulletin 005

SUBJECT: AN470A4-7 Soft Rivets

Strength of Riveted Joints

Written by Bill Marvel and originally published in the SoCAL-RVlist. Two days ago I got around to doing something that I had planned last year—actual...

Flush Riveting Tips

The GlaStar is not typically built with flush rivets, but some builders are using them anyway. This does not improve aerodynamics, but helps if...

Aileron Riveting for Solo Riveters

Riveting the top skins to the aileron nose ribs as described in the builder’s manual is pretty awkward (if not impossible) for solo riveters,...