How to & Builder Tips

Ever wonder how to make a certain part with fiberglass or sheet metal? Or fix an oil leak? These tips can guide you and reduce the amount of head-scratching.

Stainless-Steel Exhaust Systems

The installation and inspection of your aircraft’s exhaust system are fairly straightforward subjects, but we get enough queries from both Glasair and GlaStar builders...
Low corners on the sides of the instrument panel enhance visibility, but the center column could impede access and reduce leg comfort. Photo: Peter Braswell.

GlaStar Systems Installation Tips

Flap handle detent notches: Trial-fit flap detent notches in the flap actuator lever between the seats prior to chroming. I had to widen my aft-most...
Strut drilling jig

Tips for Installing and Drilling the GlaStar Wing Struts

Trim the fuselage cutouts for spars a little more than you think you need to. Pin and bolt the spars to the cage; slide...

GlaStar Elevator Stop Plate Installation Tips

DON'T do it like the manual says! The drawings show the stop plate mounted below the elevator bellcrank with the spacer pack modified to...
GlaStar wing jig

GlaStar and Sportsman Wing Jig Tips

Building the wing jig: I made my jig so that both wings could be built back to back. I made mirror images of the...
GlaStar fuselage assembly jig

GlaStar Fuselage Assembly Tips

Step 27: If your kit includes the upper shell attach fittings pre-made with all holes predrilled, as mine did, when doing the final installation,...
glastar kit fuselage

General Tips for GlaStar Fuselage Construction

Bicycle hooks: Don't use bicycle hooks to hold up the fuselage cage! When you put some weight on them, they will straighten out and...
GlaStar horizontal stabilizer spars and ribs

Horizontal Stabilizer Building Tips for the GlaStar and Sportsman

Building a horizontal stabilizer jig: We got the full kit Jan 2nd (1996). Got it home without incident. There was a key part on...