GlaStar Elevator Stop Plate Installation Tips

elevator-stop-plate-adjustmentDON’T do it like the manual says! The drawings show the stop plate mounted below the elevator bellcrank with the spacer pack modified to fit the addition of the .1″ stop plate. If it is built according to the drawings, the bellcrank bearing will no longer be able to do it’s job. Look carefully at the drawing, get the idea of the task, then tear up the drawings. For the 1/4″ pivot spacers, drill a clearance hole for the lower spacer in the stop plate to let the spacer contact the bearing. Do not let the spacers run on the aluminum plate. Do NOT shorten the spacers! If you look at the drawings they show an impossible view. In any case, check it out carefully. Use the bearing. Do not run aluminum on aluminum. Have you ever removed and replaced the aft shearweb? Next time, I’ll install nutplates!

–Jim Siebel

I must agree that the drawing are very misleading, but the text says to drill a one half inch hole to clear the spacers. I had to read a couple of times to understand what they wanted me to do. Again, I do agree two of the three drawings need to be redone. Hopefully you’ve saved someone else some time with there kit and S/H will revise the drawings.


–Randy Gaugler

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