Same Wheelpants, Bigger Wheels?

Wheelpant on the left wheel shot with “double exposure” trick.

Since I’m due soon for another set of tires I was wondering if the 380-150×5, (basically a 6.00×5), would fit into my wheel pants without modification. I took these images to find out. My 4th set of Desser 6 ply retreads, which are now well worn, appear to have as little as 1/2″ clearance from the wheel pants in the upper outboard edge. While they are now a little under 15″ diameter, they are only 5″ wide whereas the new tires would be almost 6″ wide and a bit larger in diameter, too. Upgrading to these larger tires would require Van’s wheel pants ($375 for mains and $140 nose for balanced aesthetics). Another project that can wait; I’ll be ordering another set of Desser 5.00×5 retreads for now.

For anyone interested in double-exposure photography, the only trick is superimposing two photos on the computer, but I’m sure that would be easy enough for you. I take two shots from a tripod, then use Photoshop to overlay them, adjusting the top photo’s opacity to about 50%. Other photo editing applications could produce the same result.

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