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GlaStar Nose Fork Modification for 5.00 x 5 Wheel and Tire

Upsizing the wheel and tire to 5x5 size gives 1-3/8" more prop clearance. Extending the fork down 1-1/4" gives a total gain of 2-5/8" prop clearance.

Sportsman Nosewheel Lift

My trip to Alaska spurred me to look for ways to increase the prop-to-ground clearance of my Sportsman. Since increasing the size of the...

Cleveland Wheels & Brakes Product Catalog

AWBPC0001-20/USA, December 31, 2016.

Float Rigging Design & Maintenance, Part 2

In the first installment of this article, I conveyed information learned about the geometric design as well as the re-design of my floatplane rigging...

The “SuperStar”

Recently, I worked with a friend from San Diego after he purchased a GlaStar that had briefly flown. He wanted the GlaStar to undergo a complete make-over plus some upgrades.

063-09006-01 GlaStar 6.00 by 8.00 by 6 Main Gear

GLASTAR 6.00/8.00 X 6 MAIN GEAR INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS These instructions cover the installation of either the 6.00 X 6 or 8.00 X 6 main wheels and...

Parker-Hanifin Cleveland Conversion kit for Glasair

Parts list for 199-19700 conversion kit to convert one aircraft to Cleveland wheels and brakes.