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Aileron Balancing Servo Tabs

The aileron servo helps reduce stick forces in roll. BILL OF MATERIALS 1 12"x12" .032 aluminum sheet 88 3/32" pop rivets 24 1-1/4" aluminum extruded hinge...

Carbon Fiber Elevator Rib Reinforcements

This tip was sent by Michael Harfst. An extra note for anyone considering a stiffener for the elevator end rib. I have the fiberglass tips...

Glasair Door Handle Safety Loop

I fitted these today to my Glasair I found them in an auto supply shop—they are the loops for a utility truck cover. I...

Composite Joint Testing

I recently conducted a series of destructive tests to learn more about the factors which affect integrity of builder-fabricated fiberglass joints, and I think...

Glasair I – Still Strong After 20 Years

Submitted by Jeff Wernli V.P. Sales & Marketing, Stoddard-Hamilton As we come toward the end of Stoddard- Hamilton’s 20th year anniversary, l thought it would be...


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