Builders are awesome tinkerers and inventors, and they come up with improvements to the original design. Luckily they aren’t’ shy about sharing information!

Sportsman cargo net

Cargo Net for Sportsman

This tip was submitted by Heidi Tillinghast. Materials 1.5" nylon webbing #18 needle #69 Nylon bonded thread 1.5" Webbing clips All of this is available in...
Jacking adapter drawing

GlaStar Jacking Adapter

Here is my jacking adapter for my GlaStar. As you can see, it requires that the cut-outs for the other landing gear legs be...

Proportional Servo Elevator Trim Control For the Glastar

I have been interested in making some changes to the MAC8A Elevator Trim Servo since I first got Glastar kit #5540. I thought the...
GlaStar enlarged cargo door modification

Large Baggage Door for the GlaStar

If you ever thought about installing a larger cargo door for your GlaStar, now is your chance to do it. When the Glasair factory was...
Hidden oil door

Flush Oil Door

This tip was sent by Graham Nutt. In my case I worked out the area I was going to use on my uncut cowl,...
Flap Gap Seal Sportsman N11YM_02

Flap Gap Seals Reduce Stall Speed

One of my goals is to obtain as low of a stall speed as reasonably possible. Enlarging the wing and flap area and reducing...
Glastar baggage floor

Bruce McGregor’s GlaStar Baggage Compartment Floor

A flat floor in the baggage area has several advantages. Much more room is available underneath for placement of electrical wires and components (such...
GlaStar seatpans with high-density foam

Ken Wickland’s Cockpit Modifications

Ken Wickland is a craftsman. All you have to do is to look at his tool chest to know that his workmanship will be...

Safari Cargo Net

I became interested in a net at the back of the seats, separating the cargo area, when I saw Alan Negrin’s Sportsman last September. I...

Straps, Flaps & More

Here are a few things I've done on my GlaStar that others might find interesting. Brake Actuator Support Straps As one applies the brakes in a...