Builders are awesome tinkerers and inventors, and they come up with improvements to the original design. Luckily they aren’t’ shy about sharing information!

The Power Flow system (left) has a much larger final exhaust pipe and a smaller heater muff compared to the standard system (right).

Perking up the Performance of a Glasair Sportsman

More power. Everyone wants it, but how do you get a real performance increase without tearing your engine apart? Power Flow Systems, Inc. has...

T3 Tailwheel Suspension Installation on a Sportsman

It would be an understatement to say that the T3 tailwheel suspension system is proving itself to be a dramatic improvement over the factory...
Glastar wing strut attach point cover

Paul Sather’s Neat GlaStar Innovations

Paul Sather has some neat innovations in his GlaStar.

Who Needs A Carb? Life With FADEC

For those of you who are interested in the Aerosance FADEC system, I thought I would give some insight in my fairly extensive experience...

Prototyping Your Heart Out: Early Days With the Dynon Autopilot

Yes, I’m a glutton for punishment. Over the short flying life of my Sportsman, it has been subjected to more than its fair share...

LED Cockpit Lighting

I finally managed to install some LED cockpit lighting in my Sportsman and thought that others might be interested in it as well. My...
GlaStar training wheel

Demo GlaStar Tailwheel

So, what do you put on the tail of a demo GlaStar? That's easy, Stoddard-Hamilton put on a little tailwheel so it doesn't drag...

Ventral Fin for Yaw Stability

Most components added to a plane forward of the center of lift usually have a negative effect on directional stability (other than canards perhaps)....

New Larger Instrument Panel for the GlaStar or Sportsman

Fibertech Composites has come out with a new a panel that will handle just about any combination of instruments. No need to settle for...
Aircraft Spruce rudder pedals in GlaStar

Cast Rudder Pedals

This tip was sent by Chris Lowery. I never did like the cheap riveted metal plates SHAI had us make as rudder pedals, and nor...