Builders are awesome tinkerers and inventors, and they come up with improvements to the original design. Luckily they aren’t’ shy about sharing information!

Glastar baggage door latch mechanism

EZ-Open Baggage Door Latch for the GlaStar

Roy Kokenge came up with this ez-open baggage door latch for his GlaStar. It eliminates the need for two locks on the baggage door. The catches,...
Carbon-fiber elevator rib reinforcement

Carbon Fiber Elevator Rib Reinforcements

This tip was sent by Michael Harfst. An extra note for anyone considering a stiffener for the elevator end rib. I have the fiberglass tips...
The EAA Young Eagles GlaStar. Photo: Paul Hansen

Aileron Balancing Servo Tabs

The aileron servo helps reduce stick forces in roll. BILL OF MATERIALS 1 12"x12" .032 aluminum sheet 88 3/32" pop rivets 24 1-1/4" aluminum extruded hinge...
Cargo door mod installed on the GlaStar

Glastar Cargo Door Mod

Production and delivery of the large size baggage door kit has been going very well. To get an idea of the scope of the retrofit,...
aileron servo tab

Aileron Servo Tabs and Aileron Trim

Aileron Servo Tabs I have designed and built some servo tabs that can be added to the ailerons after the fact to reduce the aileron...
GlaStar seatpans with high-density foam

Ken Wickland’s Cockpit Modifications

Ken Wickland is a craftsman. All you have to do is to look at his tool chest to know that his workmanship will be...
Jacking adapter drawing

GlaStar Jacking Adapter

Here is my jacking adapter for my GlaStar. As you can see, it requires that the cut-outs for the other landing gear legs be...
GlaStar baggage floor supporting flange

James Siebel’s Flat Baggage Floor

James Siebel added a floor to his baggage compartment that allows him to sleep back there (allegedly). This is what it looks like.

T3 Tailwheel Suspension Installation on a Sportsman

It would be an understatement to say that the T3 tailwheel suspension system is proving itself to be a dramatic improvement over the factory...
Hidden oil door

Flush Oil Door

This tip was sent by Graham Nutt. In my case I worked out the area I was going to use on my uncut cowl,...