Builders are awesome tinkerers and inventors, and they come up with improvements to the original design. Luckily they aren’t’ shy about sharing information!

Aircraft Spruce rudder pedals in GlaStar

Cast Rudder Pedals

This tip was sent by Chris Lowery. I never did like the cheap riveted metal plates SHAI had us make as rudder pedals, and nor...
Glastar baggage door latch mechanism

EZ-Open Baggage Door Latch for the GlaStar

Roy Kokenge came up with this ez-open baggage door latch for his GlaStar. It eliminates the need for two locks on the baggage door. The catches,...

Tires for Alaska

With the big trip to Alaska almost upon us it is time to think seriously about getting our planes ready to tackle...
Glastar cutaway instrument panel

Glen Culver’s GlaStar Cutaway Instrument Panel

Here's a cutaway panel that Glen Culver developed so you have better visibility through the huge GlaStar windshield.

Straps, Flaps & More

Here are a few things I've done on my GlaStar that others might find interesting. Brake Actuator Support Straps As one applies the brakes in a...

Revised GlaStar Upper Door Latch

This modification was sent by Paul Hansen. This drawing shows the original aft upper door latch drawing from the manual plus the revised latch I...
Van's cowl air scoop on GlaStar

RV Air Intake Adaption for GlaStar

Here is a pictorial report of using the cowl air scoop from Van's and adapting it to the GlaStar cowling.  
Martin Baumer's GlaStar rear seat

Martin Baumer’s Glastar Rear Seats

Having room for a rear seat that could fit two children or one smaller adult was one reason we chose the Glastar. My wife...
The Power Flow system (left) has a much larger final exhaust pipe and a smaller heater muff compared to the standard system (right).

Perking up the Performance of a Glasair Sportsman

More power. Everyone wants it, but how do you get a real performance increase without tearing your engine apart? Power Flow Systems, Inc. has...
Sportsman cargo net

Cargo Net for Sportsman

This tip was submitted by Heidi Tillinghast. Materials 1.5" nylon webbing #18 needle #69 Nylon bonded thread 1.5" Webbing clips All of this is available in...