The Sportsman and GlaStar are docile and feel at home on short back-country strips. The flying techniques shared by others make us better pilots.

The GlaStar: An Instructor’s Perspective

By Michael Crowell, reprinted with permission from INFLIGHT Magazine Mike is a CFII, Advanced and Instrument Ground Instructor, an FAA Safety Counselor, and a check...
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First Flight or the Thrill of Having a Baby

For each airplane, first flight is only done once. In my mind, it’s the closest builders get to the thrill of having a baby. Amazing...
Dave Hulse landing his GlaStar

Crosswinds in the GlaStar

On a very windy, gusty Saturday Bill Janes and I flew to a nearby airport to attend an EAA Chapter meet ing. Because I...

Vapor Lock Causes Trouble Over Water

This cautionary tale was submitted by Al Lange. After 4 years and 6,000 hours in construction, two long-time pilots were finally on the way to...
Bill Yamokoskis GlaStar in flight.

GlaStar Required Nose-up Trim

This tip was provided by Craig O’Neill , Stoddard-Hamilton. Several folks mentioned having difficulty trimming out the required back pressure at 60 knots down final....

Testing the Airspeed Indicator

While flying off your test time, why not check your airspeed gauge? A simple, somewhat accurate way, if you have access to GPS, is...

Spins in a GlaStar

I did my required spin training for the instructor's rating in the second, demo GlaStar. (Learned to fly in a Luscombe, didn't enjoy spinning...

Glasair I – Still Strong After 20 Years

Submitted by Jeff Wernli V.P. Sales & Marketing, Stoddard-Hamilton As we come toward the end of Stoddard- Hamilton’s 20th year anniversary, l thought it would be...
John Lake cruising in his GlaStar N484VM

GlaStar Cruise

One of the best things about the GlaStar is going somewhere; a little stick pressure is all it takes. It's comfortable - get lumbar...
Werner Schneider flying his GlaStar in Switzerland

Climbs in a GlaStar

I marvel at the feel and authority of the GlaStar in a climb, especially at slow airspeeds. Let's look at a normal climb, best...