The Sportsman and GlaStar are docile and feel at home on short back-country strips. The flying techniques shared by others make us better pilots.

Pilot logbook cover


Glasair Aviation announced recently that the company received a LODA (Letter of Deviation Authority) to conduct flight training in their experimental aircraft. A LODA authorizes...

Vapor Lock Causes Trouble Over Water

This cautionary tale was submitted by Al Lange. After 4 years and 6,000 hours in construction, two long-time pilots were finally on the way to...
NASA artist's rendering of a microburst.

Caught by Downdraft on Short Final

This report was submitted by Gary Bennett. I am sad to report that our Glastar N241GS flipped forward on to its back and sustained major...
Bill Yamokoskis GlaStar in flight.

GlaStar Required Nose-up Trim

This tip was provided by Craig O’Neill , Stoddard-Hamilton. Several folks mentioned having difficulty trimming out the required back pressure at 60 knots down final....
Martin Baumer taking off from Boeing Field

Normal Takeoffs in a GlaStar

Want a wonderful way to start the day? It's amazing thinking about what it took to get you here, ready to fly your GlaStar. Congratulations! You...

Towing the Line – Glider Operations with the GlaStar

I have been asked by representatives of many soaring clubs if the GlaStar could be a good towplane for gliders. After examining the towplane's...

Spinning the GlaStar

When I heard that Arnie Clarke had been doing some spin testing on his GlaStar I asked him to write about it for us....
Dave Hulse landing his GlaStar

Landings in a GlaStar Without That “Sinking Feeling”

On December 13th, 1994, Tom Hamilton (idea man extraordinaire, designer, and head of the design team for the GlaStar) handed me the keys to...

GlaStar N533WW Down in Utah

Bill Wilson left Cheyenne accompanied by an RV-4 headed for a fuel stop at Wendover, UT. The agreement was to fly at 10,500 and...
John Lake cruising in his GlaStar N484VM

GlaStar Cruise

One of the best things about the GlaStar is going somewhere; a little stick pressure is all it takes. It's comfortable - get lumbar...