The Sportsman and GlaStar are docile and feel at home on short back-country strips. The flying techniques shared by others make us better pilots.

Dave Hulse landing his GlaStar

Normal Landings in a GlaStar

When flying at airshows, it's not uncommon to have many aircraft of various approach speeds all headed for the same or parallel runways at...
Crosswind Component Chart

Crosswinds in a GlaStar

On a very windy, gusty Saturday Bill Janes and I flew to a nearby airport to attend an EAA Chapter meeting. Because I learned...
Martin Baumer taking off from Boeing Field

Normal Takeoffs in a GlaStar

Want a wonderful way to start the day? It's amazing thinking about what it took to get you here, ready to fly your GlaStar. Congratulations! You...
Stall warning vane

GlaStar Stall Warning

I think a stall warning indicator (SWI) or angle of attack indicator can be an important safety aid if the danger of entering an...

Towing the Line – Glider Operations with the GlaStar

I have been asked by representatives of many soaring clubs if the GlaStar could be a good towplane for gliders. After examining the towplane's...