Sportsman carbon-fiber

Sportsman Specifications and Performance

The Sportsman is the ultimate adventure aircraft. It was designed for the pilot who rejects compromise, whose flying missions are diverse and demanding, and...
Glasair III

Glasair Specifications and Performance

The Glasair is the ultimate high performance aircraft. With its Lycoming engine, the Glasair is a fast, sleek, aerobatic cross-country machine that will take...
Glasair II-S, Photo © Ad Meskens / Wikimedia Commons

History of Glasair Aviation

In 1980 the kit aircraft industry was revolutionized by the introduction of the Glasair - the world's first pre-molded composite kit plane. Glasair Aviation...
glastar kit delivered in driveway

New Builder?

So you just bought an airplane kit. Congratulations! That big crate is on it's way. Yikes! Now what? You'll be glad to know you're not alone. There...
Imron Elite

Paint Codes for Matching GlaStar Gelcoat

    Matching the GlaStar gel coat can be a challenge, but our members have provided the following tips for getting the right color. DuPont Imron Imron paint...

SensenichDirect Stoddard-Hamilton Propellers

This page was originally published on the Sensenich website. An archived version can also be found here. Aircraft Engine Standard Climb Cruise Weight (lb) Note* Glasair I TD,FT,RG Lycoming O-320 70CM()S16-0-79 70CM()S16-0-77 70CM()S16-0-81 38.75  8 / 13 Glasair II...
GlaStar assembly

GlaStar Assembly Sequence

Compiled by Roy Kokenge based on the assembly sequence from the GlaStar Manuals. Builders may use this as a basis for a builder/time log for...

Strength of Riveted Joints

Written by Bill Marvel and originally published in the SoCAL-RVlist. Two days ago I got around to doing something that I had planned last year—actual...
Glasair Merlin on its first test flight in Arlington, Washington.

Merlin Specifications and Performance

Merlin is a composite high-wing, tricycle gear aircraft designed to meet LSA certification requirements based on ASTM standards. It is fitted with a Rotax...