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Glasair Service Bulletin 015

SUBJECT: Oildyne Hydraulic Pump Fittings

When Good Hydraulic Pumps Go Bad

I have had more than my share of issues with the retracts on my Glasair II RG: Actuator Leaks Hydraulic pressure gauge cracked and...

Electronic Landing Gear Pump Drive Circuit

This builder mod has been authored by André Beusch. The circuit described below can be used in the Glasair to replace the solenoids circuit provided with...

Glasair RG Service Alert: Hydraulic Actuator Washer

The Glasair Technical Support Desk was recently contacted by the builder of a flying Glasair II who had a hydraulic fluid leak around the...

Getting the Wheels All the Way Up Every Time

Tip submitted by Tom Hoffman, Glasair III. It seems that anywhere there are discussions by Glasair III builders/flyers, there continues to be talk of incomplete main...

Glasair RG Gear Strut Servicing

It has been pointed out that our are somewhat confusing and do not apply to landing gear struts that are being serviced while...

Glasair RG Hydraulics

Several RG hydraulic landing gear pumps have not been producing proper system pressures due to any number of reasons, many of which have been...

Glasair III Emergency Gear Extension System

The Glasair III emergency gear extension system was developed to provide gear extension redundancy for complete peace of mind. It separates the emergency extension...