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Build Your Own Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

Soon after purchasing my GlaStar, N757C, from her original owner and builder I contacted Glasair Aviation and inquired about the price of factory-built auxiliary...

Fuel Tank Testing

To be sure a fuel tank has no leaks it is best to test it with a solvent-type fluid colored with dye. This will...

The “SuperStar”

Recently, I worked with a friend from San Diego after he purchased a GlaStar that had briefly flown. He wanted the GlaStar to undergo a complete make-over plus some upgrades.

Aux Fuel Pump

One of my aux tank pumps stopped working, so I decided to remove it and take it apart. New pumps are not expensive but...

Sportsman Transfer Pump Filters

I installed fuel filters between my tip tanks and Facet transfer pumps after one pump failed due to FOD. Facet specifies a 74 micron filter...

Orville’s Gravity Fuel System

Fuel system problems are the leading cause of experimental airplane accidents. All fuel systems should be carefully evaluated and thoroughly tested prior to flight....

GlaStar Auxiliary Fuel Tank Tips

Extra inspection hole: I installed an extra inspection hole, located at the connection of aux tank to fuel line. I obtained the parts (doubler...

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