Glasair Torque Values

We receive a number of calls asking for the torque on bolts such as the engine mount to firewall or other fasteners that go through fiberglass structures.

A good rule of thumb is if the fastener is passing through solid laminates, the standard specified torque given in the torque table of the Fabrication Techniques section should be used unless otherwise specified.


The torque value for the bolts that pass through the vibration isolators (engine to engine mount) are 450 to 500 in-lb.

Propeller bolt torques are usually given on the propeller hub or in the owner’s manual.

Torque values from the Fabrication Techniques section in the Glasair III Construction Manual.
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Christian Klix
Christian spent 13 years at Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft (before they reorganized and became Glasair Aviation) on composite kit-built planes that have set new standards in the industry. While helping kit buyers learn to build their planes and managing the company’s research and development program, he also made several of the first flights for new Glasair prototypes.