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I started working when I was eleven years old (throwing newspapers) and never stopped working (mostly for myself) until I retired at the ripe old age of forty. When I got my paper route, I immediately subscribed to Flying Magazine and have been obsessed with aviation my entire life. I’ve owned a few Mooneys including my current Mooney Bravo that I picked up new at the factory in April, 2000. The Mooney can routinely beat the airlines on trips anywhere in the lower 48. In 2006, when my youngest boy completed his CFII/MEI, we set about to put something other than training time in his logbook, taking off and landing in all of those 48 states in a single week. In 2011, I built an amphibious Glasair Sportsman, so I have been plying the skies for the past several years in the best of both worlds, low-and-slow & high-and-fast. My wife and I spend much of our time in the Sportsman in Canada and Alaska where the opportunities for floatplane adventures are virtually limitless.