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Bug Plug

How to make an inexpensive plug to keep bugs out of your airplane Buy a 100-pack of bright orange “fuzzy sticks." Used to be commonly...

Vent Check Valve

Because my vent system still allowed fuel to vent in a nice stream when topped off and turning on the ground or parked on...

Modified GlaStar Fuel Vent System

My tank vent system is different than S-H plans. There are 5-port manifolds bolted to each wing root rib just forward of the aft spar. The outboard port of each main tank comes around the aft spar and forward to the manifold.

Orville’s Gravity Fuel System

Fuel system problems are the leading cause of experimental airplane accidents. All fuel systems should be carefully evaluated and thoroughly tested prior to flight....

Stopping Cabin Air Outflow

This tip was submitted by Tom Hoffman, Glasair III. Cabin ventilation in all Glasair models has always been excellent and entirely adequate through two eyeball vents....

Glasair Fuel Vent Master’s Thesis

Purpose I have been considering a modification to the fuel vent system on my Glasair Il-S. I know this statement makes you want to rush...