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Fuel Tank Testing

To be sure a fuel tank has no leaks it is best to test it with a solvent-type fluid colored with dye. This will...

XP3 Experimental Plane & Pilot Performance

Recognizing the best practices in the completion and flight testing of homebuilt aircraft Prepared by the Experimental Aircraft Association and Homebuilt Aircraft Council

Glastar Flight Test Data Spreadsheet (M Baumer)

A spreadsheet developed by Martin Baumer for his Glastar N46BS to record and calculate performance details, and calibrate airspeed readings. You may modify it to...

Strength of Riveted Joints

Written by Bill Marvel and originally published in the SoCAL-RVlist. Two days ago I got around to doing something that I had planned last year—actual...

Sportsman Cleared for Flight Testing with UL Power 520i Firewall-Forward

The UL Power 520i engine is much lighter than the typical Lycoming installation. I moved the engine six inches forward and was still worried...

Are You a Test Pilot?

Who do you think of when you hear the term, ‘Test Pilot’? I’d bet many, if not most of you, think first of Chuck...