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Adding Inspection Holes to the GlaStar or Sportsman Wing

Cutting inspection plate holes: Here is one way to cut (perhaps scribe is a better choice of words) a nice inspection circle in your...

Riveting the GlaStar Top Skins

Riveting on the top skins: I used saw horses, carefully set up, to support the wings instead of putting them back in the wing...

GlaStar Wing Assembly Tips

Positioning the leading edge wing skins: In positioning the leading edge wing skins, I found it easier to start by clamping one edge in...

Aluminum Skin Protective Plastic

While building and storing the various pieces of your GlaStar it is advisable to leave the white protective coating on the skin sections as...

Rib and Skin Fitting

Skin/rib fitting: I'm sharing my experience with horizontal stabilizer skinning, for the benefit of anyone else who's having trouble pulling the skin far enough...