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OMF Symphony 100-160 Illustrated Parts Catalog

This Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) is intended for easy and accurate identification and ordering replacement parts and assemblies necessary for the support of the...

Sportsman SB 74 Bill of Materials

Bill of materials (BOM) for the Sportsman Service Bulletin 074. 

Sportsman Manual Part Reference

Compiled by Kelley Dagley:  This is a PDF of all the parts referenced in the Manual. It is useful for quickly finding a given part...

Sportsman Kit Parts List (Kit 7426)

Compiled by Kelley Dagley: This is my full spreadsheet of parts for a 2015 Sportsman standard tricycle kit with electric trim. It also includes manual...

Sportsman Item Codes

Compiled by Kelley Dagley: This PDF is sorted by Sportsman Item Code for easy location lookups.

Sportsman Inventory List

Compiled by Kelley Dagley: This PDF lists all 1216 items in my 2015 Sportsman kit which is a standard slow-build tricycle with electric trim....

Glasair Hydraulic Actuator Rebuild Parts List

Parts list compiled by Morgan Hall. Contains Glasair and generic part numbers for sourcing. See related topic in the forum.

Glasair I, II, III Options & Accessories Catalog (Archive)

This was the Glasair Options catalog as it was available on Glasair Aviation's website and is preserved here for archival purposes. A PDF version...