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Sportsman Kits Available Again

After a "COVID pause" that slowed down operations at Glasair Aviation, the company is once again selling kits. While the Two Weeks to Taxi...

Advanced Aero G2 and G3 “Heritage” Kits Now Available

Advanced Aero Components (AAC) announced the availability of carbon-fiber Heritage G2 and G3 kits. The company's president Ian Baker says the new aircraft overall empty...

Kit Pricing 2005 – Glasair Aviation

Price sheet from 2005 for Glasair, GlaStar and Sportsman kits.  

The Kit in the Really Big Box

Written by Julie Passmore. Julie suffers her husband Rod's obsession in Forest, Virginia. Notes from the bitter better half When my husband called from Oshkosh a...

New Jump-Starts Slash GlaStar Build Time by 50%

The brand-new Jump-Start wing option and an upgrade to the already popular Jump-Start fuselage option have kept GlaStar® interest and sales high in the...