New Jump-Starts Slash GlaStar Build Time by 50%

There’s still a bit of work involved in getting the parts in the foreground to look like the airplane in the background, but the new GlaStar Jump-Start wing and fuselage options makes the project much smaller than it was before! (Note that the wing in the photo is shown without the upper skins, which are drilled but not riveted in the option.)

The brand-new Jump-Start wing option and an upgrade to the already popular Jump-Start fuselage option have kept GlaStar® interest and sales high in the second half of 1998.

The wing option, introduced at Oshkosh in August, really takes a significant bite out of the GlaStar® project, saving an estimated 500-700 man hours for the average builder. In the option, the wings are almost entirely factory- assembled: the forward and aft spar assemblies are completely machined, drilled and riveted; the basic spar/rib structure is all riveted together; the leading-edge ‘D’-section is completely assembled and riveted to the forward spar; all the flight control pulleys, bellcranks, hinges and brackets are assembled and installed on the aft spar; the lower wing skins, doublers and hat sections are drilled, dimpled and riveted in place; and the upper wing skins are drilled, dimpled and ready for final riveting.


In addition, the ailerons and flaps are completely and ready to hang on the wings, and all interior surfaces of the wings and control surfaces are professionally corrosion- proofed. The Jump-Start wing option essentially allows the builder to completely skip Sections VI and VII of the GlaStar Assembly Manual.

All components of the Jump-Start wing are U.S.-made to S-H’s strict quality standards, while the assembly work is done in the Czech Republic by former MiG builders. At this writing, we have received a first- article wing, aileron and flap for inspection, and the quality of the workmanship is excellent. All Jump-Start components will be trans-shipped from the Czech factory via S-H so that complete quality inspections can be performed before the customer gets the parts.

Complementing the Jump-Start wing is the new upgrade to the Jump-Start fuselage option. Responding to frequent customer requests, we have begun installing four of the five bulkheads in the fuselage. The fifth be installed by the builder in conjunction with the vertical fin spar, but it is provided pre- fabricated and pre-trimmed in the new option.

The new Jump-Start fuselage option is undoubtedly a smaller time-saver than the Jump-Start wing. However, it does eliminate roughly 75% of the fiberglass work in the kit, as well as all the hands-work in the aft fuselage!

Both Jump-Start options have FAA approval under the “51% Rule.” Prices (which are increments on the GlaStar® base price of $23,590) are $7,995 for the wing and $2,995 for the fuselage. The wing option is also subject to additional crating charges.

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