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California Custom Metal Polish PIREP

California Custom makes two products of interest to some of us crazy enough to think we want polished aluminum surfaces on our GlaStar or...

Wrap School

I have found that wrapping the airplane can be quite frustrating but I’m learning a lot. I've been testing 3M 1080 wrap and the Avery...

Wax Job – CAFE Foundation Report

Wax Job - CAFE Foundation Aircraft Performance Report The CAFE Foundation attempted to quantify this effect by performing the flight tests reported here. The speed difference...

Does Anybody Wax Airplanes Any More?

Q (George Kraft): Just wondering if the newer paints don’t require it or if they benefit at all from waxing. Seems like a lot...

Caulking Wing to Fuselage Joint

Submitted by Neal Garvin, Glasair SIIS-RG N15F Here is something to think about when you are getting hammered in severe turbulence. When you permanently (or for the...

GlaStar Fuselage Finish Tips

Exterior screws: countersink screw heads deep enough to fill flush with a couple thin layers of glass. Makes for a smooth surface. - Jim Londo Exterior...