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Electric Trim Option for the Glasair Elevator

Submitted by Jim Dutton During an e-mail discussion about elevator trim systems, with Dick Dobson and Brooks Robinson, Dick mentioned he had installed an electric...

Starting the Engine Safely

This tip was submitted by Tom Hoffman, Glasair III. With 650 hours on the aircraft, N54ODE recently experienced failure of the starter solenoid, which is not...

Glasair Tail Light Mounting Block

The instructions for the Glasair call for the cutting of 2 small triangle shaped pieces of aluminum and bonding them in and then drilling...

Design and Construction of Embedded Antennas for Glasairs

This tip was submitted by Kurt Rutkowski, Glasair Super II RG. Due to the composite construction of the Glasair, there is no need to use conventional,...

Planning for Wiring Runs in the Wings

Tips are great when you read them before you go down the wrong path. Here are a few that could save you some headache...