Zenair Announces 2500# Floats for GlaStar and Sportsman Aircraft

Zenair float CAD

Because customers have been asking for them, Zenair has been developing a 2500 pound float kit for the GlaStar and Sportsman aircraft. The work is now complete, the company says, and parts are being made so that shipping of the float kits should commence in January 2011.


Kits will be available as a parts kit (no holes drilled) or as a pre-drilled kit (floats are pre-assembled at the factory and disassembled for shipping).

Good news for those who may want amphibious floats is that they will be available at the same time as the straight floats. Mainwheel size will be 18.5 inches, which is huge and great for grass strips, the company says.

Prices for the 2500-pound straight floats range from $6490 to $15,490 (depending on level of assembly). The amphibious floats range from $11,990 to $24,990. Additional options are available.

For more info, see www.zenairfloats.com or call Mathieu Heintz at 705-526-2871.

Zenair Floats Weight
per Float
Length Max
2500# Straight 95 lbs 17.5 feet 34″ Yes Yes Yes
2500# Amphibious 150 lbs 17.5 feet 34″ Yes Yes Yes


GlaStar on Zenair floats
GlaStar on Zenair floats
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Omar Filipovic
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