Cargo Net for Sportsman

This tip was submitted by Heidi Tillinghast.


  • 1.5″ nylon webbing
  • #18 needle
  • #69 Nylon bonded thread
  • 1.5″ Webbing clips

    Cargo net sewn loop
    Cargo net sewn loop and clips

All of this is available in most upholstery stores or online. I used a regular lightweight Singer sewing machine.

* When I made this cargo net, I simply laid it out and cut pieces as I went. I brought it to the plane to assure fitting before attaching the last row and clips. I made minor adjustments. These directions are reverse engineered, so just take them as suggestions.

    1. Top horizontal strap- This is the first piece (1H). All vertical pieces attach to this #1H strap. Measure and cut to 60 inches.Sportsman cargo net
    2. Cut 9 vertical straps- Fist and last strap measure 36 inches to allow for clip attachment to the cage. Straps 2-8 measure 32 inches. #1V-9V
    3. Fold #1 horizontal 60 in. strap in half and attach the first vertical piece to the center point. This is Vertical strap #5V. Zigzag to stitch vertical piece on top of #1 horizontal piece. Now you have a giant T shape. When sewing, zigzag around the edges twice so the webbing is secure and will not fray.
    4. From the center of the vertical center piece work out each way to form a top strap with 9 vertical straps hanging down. Use a square to make sure V straps are perpendicular to #1 H. This will help keep your project square. Measure exactly 4 inches from the center of 5V to the center of 6V. Work 4 inches on center for all vertical straps. That will give you an end result of a 32 inch wide cargo net.
    5. Cut 8 32-inch horizontal pieces. Measure 4 inches from center of each vertical strap. Make sure to pin and double check squareness prior to sewing. Zigzag each piece for strength and to prevent fraying.Sportsman cargo net
    6. Before attaching the last row, fit to the plane. I had to make my last row only 3 inches on center due to the way the closeouts were made.
    7. When measuring on your plane determine where you want to place the female horizontal clips. Use about a 4 inch-piece of webbing to loop through the clip and sew it to the #1 horizontal strap.
    8. Put clips on and adjust as needed.



Basic size is 32 inch square.Sportsman cargo net

A better design than ours is to have that 1st and last V strap extended to allow for the web clips. That is something you will just have to fit and decide at the end of your project.

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