Unsticking Cleveland Master Cylinders

This tip was written by Richard May, Glasair III.

I came across something interesting while assembling my brake system. On my left brake master cylinder, I noticed that when I fully depressed the brake pedal, it would stick in the fully depressed position. I could only get it to release by giving the brake pedal a good rap on its back side.


I disassembled the master cylinder and found that the area shown below was sticking. I reduced the diameter by sanding it on my 1″ sander.

This condition may exist in other brake cylinders that were sold when mine was. If this condition were not corrected, a low brake reservoir or a condition with a lot of air in the brake lines could create a condition whereby the brake pedal could be fully depressed. If it were to stick like mine did, it could cause a loss of directional control and possibly an accident. All Cleveland master cylinders should be checked in the fully depressed position to see if they stick. If so, make the repairs shown below.


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