Beating The Draft

Written by Fred Van Rader, Glasair II-S RG

Have you cured that big draft that enters your Glasair cockpit from the cutouts in the ‘B’ ribs? Here is a way that is airtight. It has been on our Il-S RG (N9VR) for more than 100 hours. It has not required any maintenance.


Use the full-sized patterns (Fig C.) to make two boots out of 1/8″-thick closed-cell neoprene. Try your local dive shop to find this material. Then make two mounting flanges for the ‘B’ ribs, also using the full-sized pattern. Use aluminum angle stock or fiberglass.

Figure C.

Locate the aileron push tube in its neutral position. Wrap the boot around the pushrod and cement the seam with neoprene cement. After the cement has cured, locate the boot on the tube 2-1/2″ from the rib, as shown in Figure A. Also, check the full-sized pattern page and orient the boot seam as shown. Secure the narrow end of the boot to the tube with a tie wrap kept close to the end of the boot.

Figure A.

Turn the boot inside out and secure the wide end to its mounting flange with another tie wrap. The rolling action of the boot assures free movement of the push tube. (Fig. B)

Figure B.
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