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The “SuperStar”

Recently, I worked with a friend from San Diego after he purchased a GlaStar that had briefly flown. He wanted the GlaStar to undergo a complete make-over plus some upgrades.

Windshield Installation “Bush Fix” When Clecos Run Out

At one point during the installation of our windshield it became clear that we needed an additional wingnut cleco - the windshield simply wasn't conforming to the shape of the fuselage joggle as well as expected. We had exhausted our supply of wingnut clecos, so what were we to do?

Installing Glasair Rear Windows

Submitted by Mike Palmer Here are some tips on installing the rear windows for those who don't have the new flanged Glasairs: 1) Be aware that as...

GlaStar and Sportsman Window Installation

Mask off the front and back of the window to approx. 1.5" of the edge. (Blue 3M 2" tape) Trim perimeter of window to fit...

GlaStar and Sportsman Window Installation Tips

Installing the Windows: A friend suggested a new way of locating the plexiglass panes in the windows and doors of the Glastar. Window with...