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GlaStar Wing Incidence Tool

The following drawings provide the necessary information to obtain an accurate measurement for the angle of incidence on the GlaStar wing and stabilizer.

Glasair Service Bulletin 106

SUBJECT: Bolts Securing the Elevator Hinge Brackets to the Stabilizer Shearweb

Glasair Service Bulletin 024

SUBJECT: Glasair III Horizontal Stabilizer Stiffening

Sportsman Service Bulletin 71

Glasair Aviation has issued a service bulletin requiring inspection of the jam nuts in the horizontal stabilizer. Russ Beers reports that he purchased a 2...

Jeff Liot’s GlaStar Mods

Jeff Liot has done outstanding work on his GlaStar. Here's a bunch of mods that he's done. You can contact Jeff at liot@shaw.ca.

Horizontal Stabilizer Hinge Bracket Alignment

Submitted by John Schroeder This is a supplement to the Builder’s Hint published by Neal Garvin describing a new way to align the hinge brackets on...

GlaStar Horizontal Stabilizer Angle of Attack

I flew with Al Sibley in his GlaStar, N40VX. We took some measurements to see how the elevator on his airplane faired with the...

Mylar Gap Seals

Submitted by Kory Cornum I installed Mylar gap seals on my Glasair III on 18 April 1993. The seals are from High Performance Engineering, Inc.,...