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Magnetic Door Holder

This modification may apply to all GlaStar and Sportsman doors, but in particular it is most helpful with the tailwheel configuration as the doors...
Glastar and Sportsman Magnetic-Door-Stop

Magnetic Door Stop for GlaStar and Sportsman

By Ted Setzer The GlaStar and Sportsman doors were designed to swing 180 degrees in order to allow float plane owners an easy path to...

GlaStar Baggage Door Retrofit Instructions Rv2 (T Setzer)

These instructions outline the procedures for installing a Sportsman-size baggage/cargo door to the GlaStar fuselage. Tooling for this baggage door was formed off of...

063-09055-01 Glastar & Sportsman Door Latch Retrofit Instructions

GLASTAR/SPORTSMAN DOOR LATCH RETROFIT Glasair Aviation has achieved a significant improvement in the installation and functioning of the latching mechanism. Kit P/N 940-07100-01 contains only...

063-09016-01 GlaStar Door Lock and Ignition Switch Installation

GLASTAR DOOR LOCK/IGNITION SWITCH This GlaStar option kit allows the same key used for the ignition switch to be used to lock both cabin doors...

GlaStar & Sportsman Flyer 2013 Q3

GlaStar Cargo Door Update By Aaron VanAuken and Ted Setzer Engine Break-in By Ted Setzer Frayed Rudder Cable By Dick King Pirate Pilots Swoop in on the Columbia Fly-In By Arlo...

GlaStar & Sportsman Flyer 2013 Q1

GSAI Flight Deck By Omar Filipovic Glastar Enlarged Door Kit By Ted Setzer Easy Muffler Shroud Mold By Pete Aschenbrenner Setzman N11YM Maiden Flight By Ted Setzer Caribbean Puddle Jumpers By Steve Tillinghast Are...