New Larger Instrument Panel for the GlaStar or Sportsman

The new ‘Big Real Estate” panel from Fibertech Composites.

Fibertech Composites has come out with a new a panel that will handle just about any combination of instruments. No need to settle for a flat panel when a custom built, contoured fiberglass panel with style, practicality and real estate is available. This panel will mount an EFIS as large as a Blue Mountain EFIS One. We have created this panel to achieve maximum visibility and aesthetics while creating a platform for any EFIS/instrument combination, without sacrificing forward visibility. Included with the panel are computer cut aluminum inserts that fit the panel sections. These pre-fabricated, blank, inserts will save countless hours of template making, fitting and fabrication.

This instrument panel will fit the GlaStar or the Sportsman. The cost is $479. See our web site at for more information.


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Zach Chase
Zach has been mixing resin and vacuum-forming fiberglass structures since Orville and Wilbur first felt the rush of air over the Wright Flyer's wings—or thereabout.