Peel and Stick Washers

Submitted by by Mark Kokstis, GlaStar

I am submitting a suggestion that may just cut down on the frustration level of builders. I had many problems with the control torque tube mounting blocks. It was hard to hold washers together while assembling the two halves, and I found that the standard washers scraped and scratched up the paint. Even with cutting the blocks on an offset (as shown in the figure), the washers were still too big in diameter. A solution was found with the anti-chafe tape. Just use a 3/16″ hole punch to make a series of square washers. Then peel and stick the washers on the block cut line. Use a bolt to line up the holes. The tape’s adhesive holds the “washer” in place. The anti-chafe tape is very close in thickness to a thin aluminum washer. A bonus is it won’t scratch your paint. I only wish the nuts inside the box tubes stuck as well.

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