063-09005-01 GlaStar Heated Pitot-Static System Option Instructions

    063-09005-01 GlaStar Heated Pitot-Static System Option Instructions
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    This option kit contains all the parts and hardware necessary for a pitot/static system installation suitable for IFR operation except for the pitot tube assembly itself. The kit includes two static ports, installation hardware and all necessary tubing and fittings to connect an airspeed indicator, altimeter, vertical speed indicator and altitude encoder. The kit also includes the basic electrical items needed for the pitot heat system, but it does not include a switch or circuit breaker for this purpose, since most builders like to insure that all their panel switches and breakers are of the same design. The 1 /4" nylon tubing supplied with the kit is color coded to distinguish pitot from static system lines, and the "flareless" nylon fittings provide solid, leak-free connections that can be certified to IFR standards. The kit also includes a low-point drain for removing moisture that may collect in the system.

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