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Sportsman Control Stick Installation

Q&A Q (Dennis Vanatta): Installing the sticks is one of those things which it seems needs to be right the first time, since there’s no...

Glasair Control Stick Clearance Tips

Q: I am having trouble installing the control stick into the control yoke. A: Sand the black powder coating off the control stick where it...

Removable Control Stick

Here is some information on how to make your stick look like the above photo. Place your stick into its socket on the control boss and slide it into the position you want it to be in, when you are flying. Measure from the forward edge of the control boss (that the stick slides into), […]

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GlaStar Control Cable & Control Stick Installation Tips

Pulley spacers: Cut spacers (from 3/8" tubing) to put in between the pulley guards(and over the AN3-17 bolt) on the front pulley group. For...