GlaStar Folding Baggage Compartment Floor

Glastar floor panelI followed instructions in the builder’s manual to demarcate the fore and aft baggage areas for loading restrictions.

The aft baggage area has a flat floor that provides access to two compartments – one on each side of the control cable tunnel – places to store and conceal tie-downs and sundries. I used a narrow strip of aluminum on the surface opposite the hinge and hard points in the foam core for installing the flush head rivets for the hinge.


The walls of the control cable tunnel, the cross bulkhead and the aft floor are one-quarter inch foam core covered with fiberglass cloth. I cut the pieces from a master sheet of foam core that I prepared using techniques similar to those for making the fuselage bulkheads – lightly sanding the foam core, applying a mixture of Q-cell and resin (with a roller), laying on the cloth, and applying resin, again with a roller. A single layer of DBM cloth and resin bonds the bulkheads to the fuselage. Two layers of DBM form the supporting brackets along the sides of the aft compartment and on the forward face of bulkhead A.

I will use milled fibers and resin to bond the small section of floor to the supporting bracket on the starboard side of the fuselage. Brackets made with DBM cloth provide support for the nutplates used to attach the lid on the tunnel in the forward baggage area. Four small pieces of foam core bonded on the inside of the lid make for a snap-in-fit after inspecting the cables. I will complete the installation after installing the electrical wiring.

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