Nutplate Installation

nutplateDimpling nut plates: It can be difficult to dimple the nut plates. One of our A&Ps came up with a trick for not dimpling the nut plates. This is achieved by using oops rivets for the attachment of the nut plates, this allows you to slightly countersink the skin with no dimpling of the nut plate. Okay, what’s an oops rivet? An OOPS rivet is a standard 3/32 body diameter with a reduced countersunk head. Avery Tools(phone # 817 439 8400) sells these in kits part number 1097-1 or individually part number 1097AD3-2.5 or-3. These can be used in other locations in construction of the aluminum components.

Fastening nutplates while drilling: I pretty well followed the directions given in the builder’s manual under Tools and Techniques, with one exception. Before putting the bolt through the hole and screwing on the nutplate, I screwed on a nut of the appropriate size and thread. Then after putting the bolt through the hole and screwing the nutplate on hand tight, I took a wrench and tightened the nut just a bit more than hand tight, making sure the nutplate is properly aligned. This held the nutplate securely in place while the first hole is drilled. I immediately installed a cleco in the hole, and then drill the second hole. The box end of the wrench works best. No more worrying if the hole will line up with the nutplate.
–Bobbi & Ric Lasher #5648 N954BR

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