GlaStar & Sportsman Service Bulletin 073

GlaStar & Sportsman Service Bulletin 073
GlaStar & Sportsman Service Bulletin 073
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  • Create Date October 31, 2016
  • Last Updated November 4, 2016

Subject: Garmin Autopilot cable ball position and cable routing.

Applicability: All Sportsman and GlaStar Aircraft equipped with Garmin GSA 28 Autopilot Servos

Compliance Time: Before next flight

Discussion and Background Information:

There has been a report of an autopilot cable unwinding from the capstan on a Garmin GSA 28 Autopilot Aileron Roll Servo. The swaged ball may come loose from the capstan and bind in the cable guide causing the flight controls to bind.

Required Action:

Before your next flight inspect the servo capstan cable routing and cable ball location. If you have the inspection ports in the seat pans you will be able to see the routing of the autopilot cables without removing the seat pans. If you do not have the inspection ports you must remove the seat pans to determine the routing of the cables and the position of the cable ball.

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