GlaStar & Sportsman Flyer 2010 Q2

    GlaStar & Sportsman Flyer 2010 Q2
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    The Seatbelt Debate: What Does Service Bulletin 69 Mean to You?  By Marc Cook
    Glasair Aviation has released a comprehensive Mandatory Service Bulletin on seatbelt attach points. What does it mean to you?

    GSAI Flight Deck: It’s the Little Things By Marc Cook
    Ownership of a GlaStar or Sportsman is a constantly interesting thing. One of the true benefits of building, as opposed to buying a Mooney or something, is that you can update and improve as you go. Plus there’s that feeling of charting new territory. Both are rewarding.


    Pilot Training: First Steps into a GlaStar By Alan Negrin
    This article is aimed at the new builder who may have little or no time in a GlaStar or Sportsman. Pilots who are new GlaStar and Sportsman flyers should not underestimate the need for quality transition training, especially if you are accustomed to flying any legacy single engine aircraft—Cessna 172 or 182, Piper Cherokee, Warrior or similar aircraft.

    MacGyver Moments: Alaska Jury Rig  By Nick Reid
    With everything packed into the Sportsman we put on our headsets, hit the starter and— nothing happened. Not a click, not even the dim glimmer of a light on the panel. Dead.

    Mission of Mercy: Bush Flying and Bush Fixing By Dave Prizio and Ted Setzer
    Bush flying makes many extraordinary demands on pilots and airplanes. Some of these demands include maintaining your plane in top condition and fixing what you break. The concept of expecting to break an airplane as part of its “normal” use is alien to most of us, but when you constantly fly in and out of rough bush strips hacked out of the jungle your definition of normal changes.

    Regional Events: Virginia Regional Festival of Flight By Dee Whittington
    The 2010 Virginia Regional Festival of Flight attracted nine GlaStar and Sportsman builders, a record number for the event.

    Avionics Shop: Installing a Dynon SkyView EFIS By Ken Wiley
    When doing a project like this in an already flying airplane, it is good to combine it with an annual condition inspection because everything from the engine to behind Bulkhead A has to be exposed.

    Avionics Shop: Further Evolution of N30KP’s Panel By Marc Cook
    Earlier this year, I spent more than a few pages describing the Garmin G3X installation in my Sportsman, and tapped a few keys of discontent with the single-screen setup. Now the single screen is two, with the addition of a GDU 370 and the temporary removal of the Grand Rapids Horizon HX EFIS.

    A Blast from the Past: Poverty, Pine Cones and Peer Pressure By Ted Setzer
    As any good business school (or dental school) student knows, diversification is the key to successful business growth. And you thought Stoddard-Hamilton was only a pioneering force in the composite kitplane industry…!

    Builder Tips: Landing Gear Steps
    By Ted Setzer
    For a few dollars of raw materials and a little labor you can add a set of lightweight, aerodynamic steps to the taildragger gear strut fairings.

    Maintenance Tips: Top Deck Repairs By Ted Setzer
    Wing-folding exercises on GlaStar and Sportsman aircraft often leave a cosmetic crack or worse on the top deck where the main spar joins the cage.

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