GlaStar & Sportsman Flyer 2009 Q3

    GlaStar & Sportsman Flyer 2009 Q3
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    The FAA’s “51% Rule” Is Finally Released: And the News Is Good, By Marc Cook
    The FAA, after a long, long wait, finally published the document that had the entire homebuilt industry holdings its collective breath. Bottom line for those currently building GlaStars and Sportsman aircraft is clear: You have not been dramatically impacted. Even if you have used commercial assistance and must follow the new rules, there is enough leeway for legitimate builders to complete the aircraft without undue stress.

    Upping the Instrument Ante. But Is It Worth the Cost? By Marc Cook
    Garmin G3X modular EFIS reviewed. Comparison with other stuff, lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.


    First Flight Report. Loren Mann, Glastar N7625M
    Many years after receiving my kit (#5816), GlaStar N7625M is now flying. I have a few minor tweaks still to do but it ran and flew well. (No heavy wing).

    Insurance is Really Risk Management By Scott “Sky” Smith, Skysmith Insurance
    Questions I’m asked all the time: Why should I buy insurance? Is it required? Well, no, most states don’t require insurance.

    Brat Power (or, Our Oshkosh)
    At Oshkosh AirVenture this year, we had the daddy of all GSAI Brat Roasts, thanks to Dan Dudley’s tireless efforts. According to Dan, we served more than 120 brats and consumed a full two kegs of the foamy stuff.

    Flying It Back Country Safari By Alan Negrin
    Ten years ago a small band of intrepid aviators decided it would be fun to spend a few days camping and flying in the back country of Idaho. There were five airplanes that first year and about 15 people.

    Maintenance Tips: Dynon Oil-Temp Probe Calibration By Marc Cook
    Despite having a dedicated ground line from the instrument to the engine case adjacent to the temp probe, the oil-temp indication has always dithered and been sensitive to other electrical loads in the airplane.

    Maintenance Tips: Repairing Wheelpant Damage By Ted Setzer
    If the air pressure gets low, the tires tend to bulge out more decreasing the gap. A “firm” landing with not enough gap can result in the tire catching the edge of the pant, dragging it along and damaging it.

    New Products: Towbar & Spreader Bar

    GlaStar/Sportsman Service Letter 8
    Subject: Main Landing Gear Retaining Bolts

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