GlaStar & Sportsman Flyer 2007 Q4

    GlaStar & Sportsman Flyer 2007 Q4
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    Like the Phoenix, C-FNYS
    Dave Prizio and Tim Winger

    Power Flow vs. Stock Exhaust, Dave Prizio
    We have all heard of so-called performance improvements promised by various accessories and modifications that somehow never paid off in the real world. Is the Power Flow exhaust
    system another one of those, or does it really work? That is the question.


    Most Thankful Thanksgiving Ever, Steve Tillinghast
    The modified NSI Subaru engine began an intermittent hiccup at 4,500 feet. I began a climb and started an effort to sort out the problem.

    A Hard Lesson Learned, Tim Rittal
    It happened so fast I never had a chance to react. I was in total disbelief of what had just happened and now I am hanging upside down in my shoulder harness.

    Picassa Photo Sharing
    Arlo Reeves

    Spinning the GlaStar, Arnie Clarke
    When I heard that Arnie had been doing some spin testing on his GlaStar I asked him to write about it for us.

    Airplane Camping in a Sportsman
    Alan Negrin

    Hazardous Chemicals, Dave Prizio
    As you build and maintain your GlaStar or Sportsman you will likely use a number of hazardous chemicals. Knowing how to handle these chemicals safely and what to
    do in case of an accident can protect you from serious harm or even save your life.

    No Carburetor Shortage, Dave Prizio
    Precision announced earlier this month that it was suspending manufacture and distribution of the carbs and parts after it was unable to obtain product liability insurance.

    Stringfellow Accident
    Jim Stringfellow’s GlaStar, N33CP, suffered substantial damage when it flipped over while landing at Williston, Florida. He suffered minor injuries in the incident.

    GSAI FlightDeck

    Builder Tips
    Stewart Systems Paint, By Loren Mann
    An Easier Way to Install Bulkhead B, By Jim Miller
    Door Handle Tip, by Tom Fleming

    Maintaining Your Plane
    Dynamic Balancing Extends Power Flow Warranty, By Tyler Reed
    The Yearly Condition Inspection, By Dave Prizio

    First Flights

    Regional News
    4th Mid-Atlantic GlaStar/ Sportsman Fly-in, By Dee Whittington
    Merritt Island Florida Fly –In, By Bobbi Lasher
    Cheeseland Fall Colors Fly-in, By Steve Salmon
    Columbia Fly-in, By Dave Prizio
    SoCal Holiday Fly-in, By Dave Prizio

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    Omar Filipovic
    Omar Filipovic is president of the Glasair Aircraft Owners Association as well as the chief tinkerer and content editor for this website. He is also the web editor for Kitplanes Magazine. Omar is building a GlaStar in Portland, Oregon.