GlaStar Flyer 2005 Q2

    GlaStar Flyer 2005 Q2
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    Alaska or Bust!, Dave Prizio
    The rest of the story, 1st on a motorcycle and then the GlasStar

    Service Bulletin 51: Wrong aluminum extrusion


    My 2 Weeks at the CAC, Barry Brocato
    At least a year and half work in 2 weeks time

    North to Alaska, Harry DeLong
    Harry loves to fly low. Lots of scenery and wild animals

    Back from Alaska, Alan Negrin
    Two factory Sportsman and Dave Amenti’s GlasStar 346# of gear in one and 320# in the other Sportsmen. It was the most spectacular flying adventure Alan has done in 3000+ hours and 21 years of flying

    Sun ‘n Fun Report, Dave Prizio
    Lycoming Clones, the death of steam gauges and Power Flow Eshaust

    New Engine Choices, Dave Prizio
    A comparison of the IO-390 to some other Lycoming engines. Other offering Superior, Teledyne Mattituck, Titan Kit Engine, and the Aero Sport Power offering

    Mullins’ Budget Panel, Dave Prizio
    An inexpensive panel using a Dynon EFIS
    Regular Columns

    GAI FlightDeck, Dave Prizio
    Sun ‘n Fun, Alaska and a minor incident

    Builder Tips
    Aerocet Float Bracket, Door Post Tip, Scott 3200 Taiwheel weak ears on arm assembly Another Leaking Door Fix, Brake Bleeding and a Heavy Duty Leading Edge Boot

    First Flights
    David Codding became the first owner to fly his (CAC) Sportsman; Another GlaStar has taken to the air in Europe by owner Erik Vertenten; GlaStar N899KA built by Mark Kiedrowski with a NSI AERO Subaru EJ2.5 flies; GlaStar N125GS by George Stevens flies with the LOM engine; Glastar N733MR by Montgomery L. Rogers flys with a SP-360 with an Aymar-Demuth 70-66 prop; Sportsman #2 flies with a Lycoming IO-360-X184 weighing 19# more than a 0-360-A1F6 with a Hazrtzell HC-C2Y-1B/F8477 80” CS prop.

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    Omar Filipovic
    Omar Filipovic is president of the Glasair Aircraft Owners Association as well as the chief tinkerer and content editor for this website. He is also the web editor for Kitplanes Magazine. Omar is building a GlaStar in Portland, Oregon.