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063-09019-01 GlaStar Cabin Air Vent Kit Instructions

CABIN AIR VENT KIT This kit provides all the necessary parts and hardware for installing pilot- and passenger-side cabin air vents. The system draws fresh...

NACA Duct Profile Calculator v1.1 (A Plunkett)

NACA Duct Profile Calculator Excel spreadsheet Author: Andy Plunkett

NACA Duct Calculator

Excel file for calculating and drawing a NACA air duct. Author: D. Hamilton

Keeping Oil Temperatures Low

Sorting out the oil temperature issues and CHT temperature spread was a bit of a challenge. Extended climbs during Sydney summers had to be...

GlaStar Cabin Air Inlet Position Tip

I don't remember the dimension called for but they need to be a whole 1" lower than called for in the instructions. I ended...

Finish Glass Work Tips

Glassing the top on: When glassing the tail of the top deck to the aft part of the fuselage there is a problem area....