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What to Expect When You’re Expecting… an Engine

Omar eagerly awaits his shiny new Lycoming Thunderbolt engine. Check out the unboxing video! Originally published on Kitplanes.com

Operator’s Manual Lycoming O-360, HO-360, IO-360, AIO-360, HIO-360 & TIO-360 Series

8th Edition Part No. 60297-12 652 Published October 2005, Revised 2007-2009.

Lycoming O-320 and O-360 Engine Series Specifications

Specifications for the Lycoming O-320 and O-360 series of engines with data that includes compression, horsepower, RPM, TBO, dimensions, dry weight, and mount type. The...

Cooling channel template Lycoming O-IO-360 (T Setzer)

Cooling channel template Lycoming O-IO-360 By Ted Setzer. See Ted's article (originally published in the 2014 Q1 Flyer) for details. Rev2 corrects a dimension on...