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Frayed Rudder Cable

During my first annual condition inspection at about 100 hours, I had quite a surprise; the forward rudder cable had gotten caught on the...

Glasair Service Bulletin 067

SUBJECT: Trim System Interference between Cable Drum and trim Control Box Housing

Glasair Service Bulletin 043

SUBJECT: Possible Incorrect Cable Thimble Installation

GlaStar/Sportsman Service Bulletin 072

REFERENCE: Autopilots Cable Clamps

GlaStar Service Letter 003

SUBJECT: Trim Cable Bracket Angle (P/N 303-00020-01) and Sheet (P/N 303-00021-01)

Sportsman Service Bulletin 057

SUBJECT: Aileron Crossover Cable Lengths

GlaStar/Sportsman Service Bulletin 063

SUBJECT: Control Cable Safety Guides

GlaStar Service Bulletin 047

SUBJECT: Control Cable Safety Guides

Glasair Elevator Trim Cable Crimping Tool

The 3/64" elevator trim cables in the Glasair are secured with two NicoPress sleeves (P/N 450-0002-015) per end. Stoddard-Hamilton supplies these sleeves because they’re...

Engine Control Cable Binding

Recently one of our customers experienced his throttle control binding up while taxiing. The aircraft was brought back to the hangar and uncowled to...