Each one of our experimental aircraft is unique, but they share many systems which need maintenance. It has to be done regularly to keep the aircraft airworthy, and it must be done correctly. Builders and owners share knowledge and tips for saving money in the process.

Aux Fuel Pump

One of my aux tank pumps stopped working, so I decided to remove it and take it apart. New pumps are not expensive but...

Service Bulletin 72 for Sportsman and GlaStar Aircraft

Subject: Autopilots Cable Clamps Applicability: All Sportsman and GlaStar Aircraft Date: 7-11-14 Discussion: There have been several reports of slipping autopilot cables using the clamp system that is...

Engine Oil Analysis

When I purchased my GlaStar in February 2013 I had arranged over the phone for a pre-purchase inspection, then upon satisfactory findings, I flew...

Magnetic Engine Protection

I went through some expensive engine difficulties after having rebuilt an IO-360 engine for my Sportsman. The lifters and camshaft lobes showed signs of...

Service Bulletin for Dynon Heated Pitot Tubes

Applicability and Affected Equipment This bulletin affects the Dynon Avionics Heated AOA/Pitot Probe (p/n 100667-000). Description Dynon Avionics has received reports from pilots who have experienced degraded...

Sportsman Service Bulletin 71

Glasair Aviation has issued a service bulletin requiring inspection of the jam nuts in the horizontal stabilizer. Russ Beers reports that he purchased a 2...
Cooling baffles

Baffles Reduce Cylinder Temperatures

This is a technical tip for the cylinder baffling modifications we’ve come up with for the IO-360 and IO-375 engines. The windows in front...
GlaStar nose wheel bearings. Photo: Arlo Reeves.

Wheel Bearings

I was concerned about the salty sand we landed on in Baja corroding my wheels, so I rinsed them off and went flying, but...
bug plug - prevent insects from crawling in

Bug Plug

How to make an inexpensive plug to keep bugs out of your airplane Buy a 100-pack of bright orange “fuzzy sticks." Used to be commonly...

Sensenich Fixed-Pitch Propeller Nomenclature and Repitching

Sensenich aluminum fixed-pitch propeller model designation system EXAMPLE..._70CM6S16-0-79_ _  Special letter prefix to identify accessories or composition of propeller. Current letters include 'S' for STC...