Each one of our experimental aircraft is unique, but they share many systems which need maintenance. It has to be done regularly to keep the aircraft airworthy, and it must be done correctly. Builders and owners share knowledge and tips for saving money in the process.

Engine disassembly

Engine Overhaul

As part of requirement to obtain my A&P certificate, I was to witness a few more engine overhauls, so I called Poplar Grove Airmotive...
Cooling baffles

Baffles Reduce Cylinder Temperatures

This is a technical tip for the cylinder baffling modifications we’ve come up with for the IO-360 and IO-375 engines. The windows in front...

Using an Engine Dehumidifier

On page 121 of the April 2007 issue of EAA’s Sport Aviation, there was an article titled “Power Plant Insurance,” by Dave Barker. It...

How I Lost 18 lb in One Day… Using the Earthx ETX680 Diet

My GlaStar has a Superior O-360 engine, Whirlwind GA200 propeller, heavy instrument panel, and leather interior so I stayed on the safe side and...

Lightweight Custom Jack

Steve and I recently installed a set of Thomas Cox’s jack pads on our tricycle-gear GlaStar. These beautifully machined pads fit perfectly and will...
SilverHawk EX

Safety alert: Precision Airmotive Fuel Injection Servos

Attention All Owners of aircraft with Lycoming Fuel Injected Engines. Please read these safety alerts from Precision Airmotive. Hex plug 383493 coming loose from regulator cover. Service...

Sportsman Trim Saga & Safety-Trim

Until recently, I had been having problems with the electric pitch trim system in my Sportsman. It’s the standard electric setup using the Ray...

EarthX Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

I recently became aware of a great battery alternative for Glasair owners. Here is the statement from their website. About EarthX “EarthX, Inc. is a US...
bug plug - prevent insects from crawling in

Bug Plug

How to make an inexpensive plug to keep bugs out of your airplane Buy a 100-pack of bright orange “fuzzy sticks." Used to be commonly...
custom airplane jack

Gear Jack

I built this custom jack for changing the wheels and brakes on a GlaStar. I welded an extension on the end of a regular cheap auto...