Each one of our experimental aircraft is unique, but they share many systems which need maintenance. It has to be done regularly to keep the aircraft airworthy, and it must be done correctly. Builders and owners share knowledge and tips for saving money in the process.

Auxiliary Airbox Retention

Installations affected Engine installations typically installed in Van’s aircraft. These are only updraft sump installations with FM-100 or FM-200, FM-200A fuel controls, using Vans filtered...

Frayed Rudder Cable

During my first annual condition inspection at about 100 hours, I had quite a surprise; the forward rudder cable had gotten caught on the...

Sensenich Fixed-Pitch Propeller Nomenclature and Repitching

Sensenich aluminum fixed-pitch propeller model designation system EXAMPLE..._70CM6S16-0-79_ _  Special letter prefix to identify accessories or composition of propeller. Current letters include 'S' for STC...

High Oil Pressure Reading

I have the Grand Rapids Technologies EIS4000 and am using it to monitor all critical engine parameters (e.g., oil temp, oil pressure). I had...
Redesigned Sportsman float struts

Float Rigging Design & Maintenance, Part 1

I learned a lot about my Carbon Fiber Glasair Sportsman by building it in the factory two-weeks-to-taxi (TWTT) program, where it was initially put...

Service Bulletin 73 for GlaStar and Sportsman: Garmin GSA 28 Autopilot Servo

Glasair Aviation issued Service Bulletin 73 for all Sportsman and GlaStar Aircraft equipped with Garmin GSA 28 autopilot servos. From the Service Bulletin: Compliance Time: Before...

PMag Pirep

I've had a Lightspeed EI (LSE) on my right side and a Slick impulse mag on the left. Both have performed with no issues...
Jacking the floats

Float Rigging Design & Maintenance, Part 2

In the first installment of this article, I conveyed information learned about the geometric design as well as the re-design of my floatplane rigging...

Marc’s Sportsman: The Trim Saga

We left the end of the annual with a note about problems I’ve been having with the electric pitch trim system in my Glastar...

Nuisance Oil Leaks

With about 370 hours on my Superior XP-360 engine, I had developed several small leaks that were difficult to track down, but I discovered a...